Leading activity centre in Nottingham since 1988.

We have everything you should expect from a top-class activity venue

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    On-site food & drink

    Restore your strength with hot & cold food and drinks - inc. bacon cobs, chocolate and crisps

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    On-the-day Upgrades

    Get extra Ammo on the day, buy your pyrotechnics (18+) or upgrade to the Veteran package for that extra firepower right from the start and at an inclusive price.

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    Covid compliant

    We take health & safety seriously

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Our Nottingham activity centre is renowned for providing invigorating outdoor experiences for adults, children and parties alike. Our complete facilities ensure you have everything you need for a full day's escapade. We are the UK's number one supplier of paintballing packages for all ages and are proud to boast over 25 years of experience in the industry - a fact that has stood us in good stead when it comes to arranging paintballing battles - something which any paintballer who has stepped foot on one of our venues will testify to!

Where to find us

Sherwood forest activity centre, B6034 Kitchener Plantation, Ollerton Rd, Budby NG22 9FG

By Car. We're only 30 minutes from Nottingham City Centre to the south and Sheffield Meadowhall to the north we are bang in the middle, with FREE on-site parking and excellent amenities.

Don't drive? We're within easy reach of Nottingham, Lincoln, Sheffield, Chesterfield and Mansfield via taxi or bus.

Questions? We've got answers!

Does paintball hurt?

Paintball is an adrenalin activity. The excitement is created by a competitive atmosphere and an incentive to avoid getting shot. Our Junior paintball equipment use smaller more delicate paintballs which are felt slightly more keenly than a Nerf dart for example but should not cause pain. Under 12’s are offered protective gloves, chest/back protection and a head guard along with certifies paintball goggles/face mask.
For adults we use a larger paintball fired with a higher velocity. These are felt more keenly to heighten the excitement of the game and can cause minor bruising we like to call badges of honour! Adults are supplied with coveralls with an integrated head cover and certified paintball goggles/face mask. Additional padding or gloves can be brought along as you see fit.

How long do games last?

Games usually last between 15 and 25 mins. You should expect to play around 8 to 10 games in a full day but we are happy to play as many games as possible within your allotted booking timings.

How many paintballs will I need?

On average an individual will use 800 paintballs in a full day. However, the frustrated Rambo’s out there intent on shooting everything that moves you can expect to shoot 1000-1500 paintballs in a full day.

Can grownups join in with the kids?

I see where this is going! If you make a private booking and have the consent of all parents then yes. But don’t come crying to us when the kids gang up on you!

Is food provided?

While food is not included in the price of the event we do serve burgers and a small selection of hot foods during the day which can be purchased from reception along with the usual selection of confectionery and soft drinks. Alternatively please feel free to bring your own food and drinks to consume through your event.

Can we drink alcohol during the event?

Absolutely not! The consumption of alcohol or drugs is strictly forbidden while onsite. Anyone thought to be under the influence of either will be asked to leave immediately.

The Covid question…….

As with all businesses we have a strict policy to adhere to in relation to COVID-19.
Please do not travel to our venue if you have any symptoms which could be covid-19 related.
All participants must pass a temperature check upon arrival BEFORE they leave their car. If found to have a high temperature you will be refused access to site and asked to leave and contact our office to arrange rescheduling your event.
We have the usual had sanitising solutions on-site and operate social distancing.
We have track and trace QR codes on site.

What should I wear?

Leave your high heels at home! We strongly recommend sturdy footwear with ankle support and clothing you don’t mind getting mucky! This is a woodland activity centre not a catwalk after all. wear something appropriate for the season.