Laser Tag

Laser Tag Sherwood Forest is a perfect fun activity as an alternative to paintball, where you can experience the adventure and adrenaline of running around the laser tag games zones diving from barricade to barricade, playing games like capture the flag but with no projectiles which means there is no need for safety items like gogles and body armour,

Laser Tag at The Sherwood Forest Activity Centre is a fun and enjoyable option to experienmce the spirit of paintball, without firing the projectiles.  The laser tag guns use infa-red technologu, fired from the barrel of laser guns, with sensors on a headbands and on the top of the gun to register the infa red beam and detect a hit.  The laser guns are incredibly acurate to a range of approximately 100 metres.

Due to the games being totally safe, it is great for schools and childrens parties.  Players from ages 8+ can come and play Laser Tag, where they will receive the latest Laser equipment as well as camo suits and caps.

Brilliant for birthday parties, hen parties or corporate events of mixed genders. You will find this adrenaline packed activity perfect for any group.  Perfect if you are looking for a set budget as thre are no extra costs involved.  Players will get multiple lives and varied game settings all included, so why not book your party at Sherwood Forests finest laser tag venue.

Minimum group size of 10 to book this activity which last appriximaltey 2 hours.